Technical SEO

Technical SEO acts as a solid foundation for any future work carried out on your website. Your content and outreach campaigns will not the maximum impact if Google is unable to crawl the website efficiently. Below I have outlined some of the areas of technical SEO I can assist with.

Technical SEO Audit

The technical SEO audit acts as the foundation for all future work carried out on your site. In this document, I’ll provide clear and concise actions which are easy to follow and implement

Server Log Analysis

Server log analysis will provide insights into how and when GoogleBot is crawling your website. In this document, I’ll highlight potential crawling issues such as crawling traps (AJAX, Sorting functionality, infinite URLs etc.), 4xx and server errors.

Page Speed Audit

The page speed audit isn’t just about how fast your website loads. It also incorporates areas such as time to interactive, time to paint etc. I can perform an API analysis of the entire website or core page templates.

Mobile Usability

Having a mobile-friendly website is more critical than ever now, mobile-first indexing is in place. I can audit core pages or provide an API analysis of your entire site. Once reviewed, I will deliver a list of opportunities, actions and sheet of supporting data highlighting each pages mobile usability score.

Structured Data Review

Structured data can be vital to appearing in advanced search features such as featured snippets and knowledge graph. I’ll audit your structured data to ensure it is valid, up-to-date and to ensure you aren’t missing any opportunities on content such as FAQPage.

Website Architecture

Auditing your website architecture can provide some enormous opportunities for capturing longtail traffic. I’ll assist you in ensuring your website architecture is following the best practices and highlight any opportunities.